1. The formation and activity of the department

Since 1991, the department has been renamed by Mingachevir branch of Azerbaijan Industry University named after M. Azizbayov, Mingachevir Energy Institute and Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute since 1991.

In 1991, the chair was headed by the docent Aslanov Adil Davud oghlu.

Since 1992, the department has been divided into two departments: Physics and Chemistry and Technology. The department "Physics" was headed by professor Badalov Arif Zeynal, the department "Chemistry and Technology" was headed by docent Usubaliyev Beybala Taci oglu.

Since 1995, the name of the café has been renamed to the Department of Physics, Electronics and Technology of Insulation, and the head of the department is Professor Badalov A.Z. was appointed. In addition to the teaching of general subjects, the department has started to function as a specialist department. T120200 "Electro-insulation, cable and condenser equipment" curriculum was developed and subject programs were developed.

Since 2002, the institute has been involved in a project called "Modern Engineer Education in Public Schools in Azerbaijan" under the TEMPUS Program in line with the Education Development Program in the Republic. Starting from the 2005-2006 academic year, the specialty "Electroenergetics" was opened within the framework of TEMPUS project. In this regard, the chair continued its activities under the name of "Physics, Electrical Engineering and Power Industry" café.

Within the framework of the TEMPUS project two employees of the department - Arif Badalov and Abdul Gasimov have undergone training courses in Cologne Academy of Applied Sciences in Germany and University of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands.

In connection with the opening of the new 050649 Environmental Engineering specialty, the name of the department was called "Physics and Ecology Engineering" in 2010.

Mingachevir State University was established on the basis of the Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute by the corresponding decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 24.07.2015. Accordingly, the department "Physics and ecology engineering" is reorganized and continues its activity.

The head of the chair is Ph.D., Associate Professor Yusifova Tarana Firgat.

In addition to the bachelor's degree in the department, the department prepares specialists for master's degree.

At the department it is planned to study the problems of scientific-research work "Theoretical and experimental research of physics, chemistry and ecology" for 2016-2020 years.


2. Guidance (brief information about the head of the department)

Yusibova Tarana Firgat's daughter was born in 1975 in Gulovsha village of Yevlakh region. In 1997 he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Physics. In 1998, she worked as a laboratory assistant at the department of "Physics, Electronics and Insulation Technique", as a teacher of 0,5 professors. In 1999 he was appointed to the position of Laboratory Head of Laboratory. In 1998-2002 he was a post-graduate student at the Institute of Physics of ANAS. In 2003, he was selected to the post of the head of the department "Physics, Electronics and Technology of Isolation". In 2005, he defended his thesis on the theme "Condensed matter physics" on the specialty "Silver Telluride and Silver Selenid Crystals Transition Phase", Ph.D. received a degree in science. She has been working as a head of the department since 2011. In 2015, by the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was given the title of associate professor.

T.F.Yusibova is the author of 30 scientific and methodical works.

He is married. Has 1 child.


3. About specialty

050649 Bachelor's degree in the field of ecology - in accordance with fundamental and vocational training, must be prepared for professional work in the field of specialization, as well as in the magistracy on the specialty;

- any production areas, organizations, offices, enterprises, etc. that fit into their profession and specialty. must work in the sphere.

- should be able to work in different educational institutions (excluding scientific, scientific and pedagogical areas of higher education).

The bachelor's degree in this specialty is awarded to the bachelor's degree with a higher professional qualification on the basis of a final State Attestation Commission decision.

The graduate should master the following professional competences:

- have logical thinking, ability to use mathematical models in mechanics and natural sciences in simple systems and processes;

- Knowing the ingredients and methods of identifying chemicals;

- Knowledge of computer technology and software, knowledge of one of the modern software and ability to solve computer-related issues with the aid of this system;

- Classification of wastes generated in petrochemical production; environmental protection in multilevel processes;

- apply state ecological expertise of production systems, efficient use of natural resources and their rehabilitation principles;

- the ability to take measures aimed at the prevention and elimination of state standard system, metrological expertise, environmental safety of existing and existing production, accident and disaster consequences, etc.

Experts in the management and enterprises of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the bioecology, geoecology, biomedicine, geophysics, and biotechnologies used in the construction, management and enterprises of the State Land and Cartography Committee, which operate on the construction, operation facilities, fishing and forestry farms of the Water Economy and Melioration Committee and research and project-related research projects in enterprises and organizations dealing with the study and management of agro-ecological processes, the creation of waste management processes in industrial enterprises, waste management processes, recycling of wastes, improving the ecological situation in petrochemical industry institutions and associations.

In addition to the bachelor's degree in the department, approved by the Decree №08 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 12 January 2009 on the specialty 060649 Environmental Engineering (specialization: Environmental protection and rational utilization of natural resources) in the academic year 2016/2017 The mentioned specialty is also functioning.


4. Subjects taught

Bachelor degree:




General physics


Introduction to environmental engineering


Environmental chemistry




Fundamentals of chemical technology


Analytical chemistry


Inorganic chemistry


Waste production processes and waste recycling




Complex utilization and protection of water resources


Wastewater treatment


Environmental Impact Assessment


Methods and means of environmental control




Physical basis of remote sensing


Basics of environmental expertise and design


Metrology, standardization and certification


General ecology


Ecological basics of reclamation and reclamation


Basics of Toxicology


Environmental Law


Environmental Monitoring


Theoretical bases of environmental protection


Geodetic Engineer

Master's degree


Ecological safety


Environmental management


History and methodology of ecological engineering


Modern problems of ecological engineering


Application of physical methods for environmental clean-up from industrial waste


Technology and technology of environmental protection


Ecological prediction


Efficient use of natural environment and natural resources


Modern problems of land conservation


Applied Ecology


Environmental information systems


5. Printed materials (textbooks, manuals)

1. Mehdiyev M.S, Aslanov A.D. Chemistry (program, methodical instruction and control-work assignments), 1995.

2. Badalov A.Z., Demirov A.H., Demirova Z.V, Sariyev V.I. Physics (Teaching-methodical instruction for part-time students in higher education), 2005.

3. Badalov A.Z., Demirov A.H., Demirova Z.V, Sariyev V.I. Physics (Teaching and Methodical Instruction on Laboratory Work in Electric and Magnetism), 2005.

4. Demirova Z.V, Sariyev V.I. Physics (Teaching and Methodical Instruction on Laboratory Work in Mechanics and Molecular Physics), 2008.

5. Demirova Z.V, Sariyev V.I. Physics (Teaching-methodical instruction on the organization and carrying out of bachelor level students' experience in the field of Electroenergetics, 2008.

6. Yusifova T.F, Demirova Z.V, Sariyev V.I, Selimov I.N. Methodical materials on laboratory work on electrotechnical and radio engineering. Mingachevir, 2010, 70p.

7. Mehdiyev M.S, Aslanov A.D. Application of MATLAB system in solving environmental issues.


6. Staff of the Department


Yusibova Tarana Firgat

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Head of the Department


Mammadov Elshad Arshad

Professor, Ph.D.


Mehdiyev Mahyaddin Sadıkh

Associate Professor, Ph.D.


Aslanov Adil Davud

Associate Professor, Ph.D.


Saphaova Parvana Siyahbar

Associate Professor, Ph.D.


Salimov Ilham Nasir

Associate Professor, Ph.D.


Aghayeva Rayiha Shamsaddin

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer


Mustafayeva Vusala Sahib

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Lecturer


Sariyev Vugar Ismayil

Senior teacher


Abdullayev Garib Budag



Khalilova Gulnara Huseyn

Laboratory assistant