Conference of Students’ Scientific Society of the Engineering faculty of

Mingachevir State University

   Scientific conference on “Present and next day of science in viewpoint of youth” was held at Students’ Scientific Society of the Engineering faculty of Mingachevir State University on October 26, 2017. Opening the conference, the dean of the faculty Vugar Mustafayev noted that the purpose of the Students’ Scientific Society is to attract the students and masters to the field of science, in order to display their talent in this sphere and to ensure their participations in the conferences. Nowadays these processes are being carried out very rapidly in Azerbaijan education, including Mingachevir State University and state concern to this field is gradually increasing. Budget for education is in the second place after formation the army. Good progress observed in edication today is a result of carring reforms and formation of education conception. Education has to teach people new knowledge and skills in order to solve the problems in variable society under the influence of science and technology. The main principle of educational system is to attract the personality to the focus of attention. Education reforms bring innovations to the system like to give preference periority to the liberal values, to define quality and quantity attitude suitable to new political situation. Then the Vice Rector on scientific researches Veysal Eyyubov and the Chair of the Students’ Scientific Society Gunash Shafagatov reported on above mentioned matters. They noted that today is the remarcable day in the life of our university, since such conferences play vital role in the training of educated and skilled specialists. It also impacts on the working on the scientific researches and formation of orating abilities. In the end the speakers gave their advices on improving the ways of carring on research works and wished them success in their future activities.

   Then the students made reports on various topics one by one: “Determination of dielectric losses and dielectric influenceness in polymer dielectrics”- the student of the group EE16 Elsevar Jafarly (sc. chief. Liliya Suleymanova), “Development prospects of waste remanufacturing industry”- the student of the group EM14 Mehriban Farajova (dos. Vugar Mustafayev), “Application and development prospects of “Electron school” system”- the student of the group IT15 Shahla Mirzayeva (sc. chief.Aida Mustafayeva).

Students answered all the questions of the participants of the conference throughly.