Training with organizational support of Career Center was held at MSU

Director of the Career Center of Mingachevir State University Uzayir Zeynalov noted that the next training is devoted to the study of the rules of CV design and preparation. The training was held by Zaur Rasulov, senior teacher of the Department” organization and management of Industry".

Zaur Rasulov said that the CV and its compilation will be one of the highlights in the early stages of career building. CV (Curriculum vitae – in translation from Latin means the course of life, the moving of life) – is a document reflecting the necessary knowledge on skills, work experience, education. CV is included in personnel documents, it is an information and questionnaire document that determines the person's education and work experience. Usually CV is considered as accepting document for work. Here the person explains all the information about himself in a certain (chronological) sequence, records his education and work-related activities in concrete form.

Z.Rasulov informed the students about the CV.

At the end of the training, a concrete CV sample was filled in and theoretical knowledge was strengthened and students ' questions were answered.