Accounting Department

Accounting for financial and economic activities of Mingachevir State University is carried out by centralized accounting, being composed of five leading accountants and economists.

At present, the accounting of the university is fully automated based on modern software that meets the modern requirements of the time. Accounting consists of the following departments.

- Wages Accounting Department

- Accounting for paid education and scholarships

- Memorial Accounting

- Economic Department

- Financial department

The financial and economic activities of the university are coordinated with the Rector's adviser on financial matters in order to ensure an effective communication with departments and faculties, prompt execution of orders of the administration, application of new financial mechanisms and preparation of financial proposals.

Chief Accountant of the University - Vafa Ahmadova.


Ahmadova Vafa Ajdar - head accountant

Mustaphayeva Nargiz Mahmud - accountant (I Grade)

Zeynalova Sevda Khanahmad - accountant (I Grade)

Sapharova Yegana Hokmat - accountant

Yusiphova Naila Misir - operator