Center of Quality Assurance and Control  in Education.

One of the priority missions of Mingachevir State University is the improvement of the quality of education. For this purpose, the university has joined the project “Establishment and Development of Quality Assurance Centers in Azerbaijan Universities” (EQAC) project within the framework of the Erasmus+ program funded by European Commission, which is being led by Baku Business University, as a coordinator university, in 2018. As a result of participating in the project, the Center of Quality Assurance and Control in Education has been established in Mingachevir State University since  "01" "05" 2018.

The Center of Quality Assurance and Control in Education, being a structural component of Mingachevir State University is functioning based on the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, International conventions on human rights in the Republic of Azerbaijan and other international agreements signed by the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Education", Decrees and Orders of the President, the State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the instructions of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the University regulations, the rules and regulations of the University Administration, the rules and norms of labor protection in the organization.


Guliyeva Sabina Mursal qizi – head of the Center.

Mammadov Sahiyaddin Mahiyaddin -  monitoring and evaluation cordinator.

Murshudova Raifa Novruz gizi – coordinator of the sector "control of the training orqanization        process"

Balakishiyeva Vefa Tofik gizi - operator.

The mission of the Center:

• Preparation of high-level, professional specialists;

• To achieve the following goals:

- the realization of intellectual, cultural and spiritual potential personality (staff and learners);

- preparation of new specialists in the field of basic and applied sciences for society;

- ensuring the development of humanist and patriotic spirit of humanity for the state;

- progressive development, the leading role in higher vocational education for the university

The Center forms its work in accordance with European standards in the following directions:

- improving the quality of teaching and research;

- application of innovation research of opportunities and sources for education;

- increase the level of management in HEIs;

- ensuring the quality of education;

- effective organization and management of education

- adjustment of educational programs to labor market requirements;

 - attraction of young cadres to scientific research and recognition of periodicals in the international arena;

- establishment of bilateral cooperation with universities and organizations in accordance with the educational and activity directions of the University;

- Involvement of students with special talent in scientific and social work of the university;

- Conducting periodical satisfaction surveys among students and analysis of feedback.


Dilara Aliyeva 21, Mingachevir AZ4500

II campus, room -209

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tel: 27-5-53-54

mob: 055-843-41-77