Department of education

Main activities of the department are:

Acquisition of the presentations of the applicants admitted to the university in all directions by faculty deans and preparation of the order on applicant admission to the first course after their records being compared with the records of the State Students Admission Commission at the beginning of the school year;

Holding of fall and spring exam sessions, preparation of orders usually associated with educational affairs; sealing of examination notes, exam tables, collection of the three faculties examination tables, preparation of written examinations papers and submission to rectorate;

Planning of the lesson load, controllig on its distribution and resolution, after being approved;

Election of professors-teaching staff with expired election dates, preparation of the vacancy advertisements and submission of applications. After being discussed at the Scientific Council of the Faculty, implementation of resolution on organization withdrawals;

Student withdrawal, academic leave, the change of last name, reprimand, duplicate the student ID card and issue of academic record transcripts, the issue of the protection of students' diplomas, scholarships, restoration of the students expelled during summer and winter holidays, as well as the preparation of the submitted documents for transfer to appropriate commission;

The conduction of registration and supervision of the execution from stationery and faculties, placing of the approved document, registration of the letters sent out of the department;

Preparation of the annual statistics report (form 3) and term reports every 3 months. Record of the students' actions in the order book;

Preparation of the reports on term results and the cancellation of academic debt according to the schedule and telephonograms issue.

Preparation of report to Ministry of Education on graduates of MSU. Acquisition and distribution of diplomas from the Ministry of education and preparation of the issuing diplomas report. Collection of relevant documents for the issuance of duplicate certificates, ordering of certificates (diplomas) after the commission review;

Collection of the first year students personal statements from the faculties during the academic year and placing them in their personal data.

Collection of orders, letters of request and other documents on educational affairs;

Collection of documentation of the payment of the part-time hourly working teachers.

In general, the activity of Education Department comprises 1500 students and 155 professors and teaching staff.


Tel: (024)274-92-55

Address: AZ4500, str. D. Aliyeva 21

Main building, Second floor, room 118, 120