Division of Graduate and Doctoral Studies

History and activity

Master’s preparation at Mingachevir State University (at former Mingachevir Polytecnic Institute) first started in 2001 and carried out by the specialty chairs. In connection with the establishment of the Mingachevir State University on the basis of the Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute, by the relevant decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 24.07.2015, some structures were re-created in the higher educational institution. Later, in 2016 the division of Graduate and Doctoral Studies was established by the decree of the university administration in order to improve the Master’s degree and strengthen the process of training competitive, highly qualified specialists with comprehensive knowledge, capable of meeting the demands of the contemporary era, able to implement reforms in various fields of the country’s economy as well as to accelerate the integration of post-graduate education into the European Credit System. Today, about 49 students are pursuing their degree in Division of Graduate and Doctoral Studies, which prepares staff in a wide range of areas of economy and carries on scientific research.

Dissertation/Thesis defense

Along with the educational process, the graduate students start working on their dissertation in specialized departments under the academic supervision of the most experienced scientists or specialists of the University as well as country, starting from the first term, and at the end of the fourth semester they are entitled to award a Master's degree, after having defensed their thesis in Specialized Scientific Councils.

Admission Rules

In order to get admission to graduate programs, Azerbaijan nationals must submit the following documents: 

Official graduate test score from the State Student Admission Commission of Azerbaijan 

Copies of previous diplomas and transcripts; 

Official application of MSU. 

Admission to the Graduate/Master’s and Doctor’s/PhD degree programs of the University is held by the State Students Admission Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan (TQDK) and admission rules are published annually in the “Master’s” magazine by the organization. In accordance with the special rules set by Commission, bachelor applicants wishing to study at Master’s level take examinations (test) on foreign languages, logic and informatics at first stage and at the second stage they take an examination (test) on specialty subject.

Registration and re-registration

Applicants who have successfully passed their admissions exams and eligible to study at the University have to register at the University during the period announced by the State Examination Center and submit the required documents to the Document Acceptance Commission.

Master’s study gives the right to postpone military service. Those, wishing to join army based on volunteerism, should receive a one-year academic leave and then send the relevant certificate to the sector after their military service. Based on this reference these students are given an academic leave. After returning from military service, the students are able to study at University (presenting relevant documents proving their service (military certificate) to the relevant department at University)

Gunel Karimli

Head of the Divison of Graduate and Doctoral studies

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