Information Technology Center of MSU was established on the basis of Computer Training Center on September 10, 2015.

Khalilov Elnur Ogtay – director

Mammadli Gulnar Shahmurad – operator on ICT

Nagıyeva Chinara Akif – assistant

Masimova Khuraman Latif – assistant

Abdullayev Ali Safar – technician on ICT

Safarli Narmin Abdulla – operator

Ahmadov Fazil Elqar – operator

Head of the center – Elnur Khalilov Ogtay

Information technology center is comprised of the following branches:

- Computerization of scientific and educational activities;

- System programming and automatic control systems;

- Internet and network technologies;

- Technical support of computers

Currently, the Information Technology Centre, combining 10 scientific-academic audience (computer audience - each audience having more than 10 computers) and 2 examination rooms, is equipped with the most modern computer equipment and software. Each auditorium of the faculty as well as whole university is provided with access to the Internet. The local network, combining faculty dean offices, departments, laboratories and all the structures of the university, is functioning.


The main building, D.Aliyeva str 22

Tel : (+99424) 274-35-87

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