Library, being one of the leading structural subdivisions of Mingachevir State University, providing educational, scientific and methodological literature, information materials and promoting knowledge is a center for the dissemination of moral and intellectual ties.

Although Mingachevir State University was created in 2015, the library took an important place in the structure of the Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute, which was its predecessor and worked in 1991-2015, and nowadays it continues its work.

The Scientific Library, which is a cultural and spiritual center for students and professors, is sharing information with national high school libraries, a number of universities and international publishing houses.

The library has the following departments:

  • Service Department;
  • Collection and catalog department;
  • Bibliography department;
  • Reading hall.

In addition to a basic library, there are large reading halls and libraries with rich fund in the first and second training buildings.

At present, the library has amount of books, brochures, magazines, newspapers, educational programs, dissertations, author's abstracts, microfilms and other educational resources, with a total number of about 19926, for a wide range of readers in the field of economics, pedagogic and engineering and the library has become one of the major centers not only for intra-university users but also for outside users.

It is possible to have enough books in the library network in Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish and English languages. Each year, the library enriches the fund with new published monographs, textbooks, manuals, methodological guidelines, and periodically provides readers with periodical press. Periodically, books that do not meet the requirements of time are regularly replaced by the new ones.

At the same time, University has an Electronic Library, which also provides access to broad academic and practical information resources for teachers and students. Electronic library system, free access to internet resources, and e-books in the internal database are available directly on the computer.

The goal

• To act in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law on Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law on Library Work, the state and government documents, the orders, decrees and regulations of the Ministry of Education, the orders and decrees of the MSU and also the Statute of the Library;

• To provide informative-bibliographical services to students, Bachelors, Magistrates, dissertators, doctoral candidates, professors-teachers, engineers-technical staff and readers of various categories of the University due to the requirements of the staff;

• Forming a library fund corresponding to the university profile and the information needs of readers; the transition to information technology, as well as traditional print products, to create and upgrade information bibliography apparatus;

• In addition to educating the culture of the information, it encourages readers to use the library's information and inquiry apparatus and the ability to use the new information technology;

• Coordinate the activities of the library with the chairs of the University, scientific community and public organizations;

• Strengthen the library's material and technical base by expanding the library service forms by mechanizing, automating and computerizing the information-bibliography and information process using modern technical means in library work;

• Educate readers with patriotic feelings, humanize libraries, guide them to universal values, disseminate and explain scientific, cultural, spiritual heritage collected in the fundamentals, and provide the readers with the information needs of literature;

• Formation of a library fund corresponding to the profile of the high school and the forming of the readers; the transition to new information technologies, as well as the traditional printed product, to create and improve the information bibliographic apparatus;      

• Educating the culture of information as well as the ability of the readers to use the library's information and inquiry apparatus and the ability to use the new information technology;

• Develop and implement a program that provides a specialist for working in a new technology mode;

• Democratize the library service thoroughly;

• Provide readers with basic library services free of charge;

• Interaction between libraries' funds through inter-library abonement and international subscription;

• The library fund is properly taught and organized in accordance with their accounting, protection, reproduction and sanitary-hygiene standards.


• Representation in scientific conferences, seminars, conferences on library and information work;

• The cost of keeping the library should be taken into account in the general estimate of the higher school;

• The location of the library of the Higher School is untouchable;

• The director and staff of the library are responsible for the protection of the library fund in accordance with existing legislation.

At present, there are 5 staff members in the Scientific Library:

Bakhshiyeva Gunel Safar - director

Hasanova Ragsana Mirbala - librarian

Guseynova Elya Yahya - librarian

Khudatova Elnara Ragif - librarian

Mammadova Turcana ─░lyass - librarian