Press Service

The press service of Mingachevir State University has been operating since 2015. The press service was created to publish the academic process, social life, scientific, cultural, sports and other mass events at the University and provide public relations.

I. General concept

1. The head of the press service is appointed and dismissed by the rector of the university.

2. The Head of the Press Service shall be guided by the following:

- existing legislation;

- statue of university;

- current job instruction.

3. The head of the press service should know the following:

- normative documents governing public administration and local self-government, media activities;

- Ethical norms accepted at work;

- clerkship;

- rules and regulations for occupational safety and fire protection.

4. The head of the press service should have the skills to work on the computer, gather information, analyze and process, acquire legal knowledge, and know literary language perfectly.

5. The person appointed to the post of the head of press service:

- must have a higher education and at least three years of work experience in the specialty.

6. The head of the press service obeys the rector of the university, and in his absence, the corresponding pro-rector.

II. Duty

1.Organize and conduct press conferences, briefings, "roundtable" with the participation of the management, as well as accompany the official delegation in other regions of the country and abroad.

2. Provide methodological and organizational assistance to the media in the preparation of the materials about the University's activities, its leadership and its structural units.

3. Participate in the organization and creation of information materials (articles, special programs and tasks).

4. Prepare interview, live broadcast, speech of the management in mass media.

5. Support the positive opinion about the image of the university as well as the management and formulate the relevant public opinion.

6. Organize the collection and analysis of news agencies ', city and regional media' s materials about the activities of University.

7. Timely preparation of press releases on events related to the activities of the University and its structural units.

8. Collect the information on all issues related to University and post information in the University's website.

III. Rights

The head of the press service has the following rights:

1. Request and get information and documents from the heads of all structural subdivisions of the university related to the performance of the duty.

2. Participate in scientific meetings, consultations and meetings held at the University as well as its structural subdivisions with the instruction of the University administration.

3. Involve representatives of mass media, state and non-governmental organizations and enterprises in activities in accordance with the established procedure.

4. Make suggestions to improve the performance of the University and its structural subdivisions.

5. Offer rewarding of the heads and specialist of structural divisions and departments of the educational institution in presence of the university administration, including administrative measures against them.

6. Take a service leave in order to provide information materials on the radio, share experiences as well as improve his/her skills.

IV. Responsibility

The head of the press service is responsible for the following cases set by law:

1. for failure to perform their duties or not following them properly;

2. for acts or omissions that lead to violence of legitimate interests and rigths of citizens.

Head of the Press Service

Nazim Niftaliyev

I korpus, room 121

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

fax: +994 24 275 32 72