The Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department of Mingechevir State University, being one of its structural subdivisions, carries out its activities in accordance with the Law on Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Labor Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other normative legal acts, as well as the Articles of Association of MSU.

Human resource management policy lays foundation for equal treatment, empowerment, reward and recognition of staff and also for providing a safe and healthy working environment.

The Department of Human Resources of Mingachevir State University serves 200 people, including 3 faculties, 11 departments, and other service areas.

For the effective selection and appointment of personnel, the department performs the following functions:

- Organization of the registration of the students and satff, including scientific-pedagogical as well as supporting satff and any type of documentation in accordance with labor legislation

- provide the preparance of orders on labor contracts with employees, termination of employment contracts, transfer to another job, vacations, rewards, aid, gratitude, approval of scientific titles and scientific degrees, competitions, etc. and submission them to the head management.

-carry out the control of the tabel records and discipline regulations

The department serves on the basis of a computerized system in accordance with the requirements of the modern era.