Employees of MSU are at the SEC conference

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Employees of MSU are at the SEC conference

A conference on the “State Examination Center: Integrity of State and Public Oversight of Examinations” was held at Marxal Resort & Spa in Shaki.

The conference will be held in 5 regions of the republic. The conference was attended by heads of the Executive Power of the region and the Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS, rectors and teachers of the Sheki Branch of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, heads of education departments, examiners and supervisors, representatives of Sheki, Barda, Goychay regional divisions.

Mingachevir was represented by Elnur Khalilov Director of Center for Information Technology of Mingachevir State University, Zaur Rasulov Head Teacher of the Department of Industry and Management, Nazim Niftaliyev Head of Press Service and Konul Yusifova, Teacher of School №7.

It should be noted that the members of the conference participated in the exams as the examiners of the SEC in Mingachevir.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Examination Center, Maleyka Abbaszadeh, made a presentation on “The State Examination Center: Integrity of State and Public Oversight of Examinations” at the plenary session.

Later, SEC employees introduced presentations on the exams that will be conducted by the center in 2019, general statistical information on the exams, the advantages of electronic services provided by the Center, the stages of the evaluation process in the final exams, the process of preparing measuring and evaluation materials for admission examinations, published scientific and methodical materials for exam preparation, electronic information resources “Student – graduate”, “Student – graduate”, “Civil servant registry service”, civil service, about the competition and interviews on reception.

At the end of the event, distinguished supervisors and teachers were awarded in the examinations conducted by SEC and they were awarded with “Honorary Decree”.

Among those awarded was Konul Yusifova, a teacher of secondary school №7 in Mingachevir.

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