Faculty of Pedagogy

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 The establishment of the faculty and its activity.

The faculty of Pedagogy has been operating since 2015. The President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev signed an order on July 24,2015 for amendments to the order dated 13 June,2000,N 349 about the cancellation of the Mingachevir, Salyan and Sumqayit branches of Azerbaijan Institute of Teacher Training and “Improvement of education system in Azerbaijan” . According to the decision of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev, Mingachevir State University was established on the basis of Mingachevir Polytechnical Institute on July 24,2015. For the resolution of the issues arising with the order and by the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic the students studying at former Mingachevir branch of Teacher Training Institute were transferred to Mingachevir State University to continue their education. On September, 2015 the relevant order on establishment of Pedagogical faculty was signed by the rector of MSU in order the senior course students of Mingachevir branch of Teacher Training Institute were able to continue their unfinished education in their specialities.
At the department the study of problems of scientific research work is planned in two directions for 2016-2020 – “Actual issues of pedagogical personnel training” and “History of Azerbaijan statehood: heritage and modernity”.
Specialities functioning within the Pedagogical faculty.
1. 050101 –  Azerbaijani language and literature.
2. 050103 – Foreign language teacher- English
3. 050105 – Mathematics and Computer Science teacher
4. 050118 – Elementary class teacher
5. 050120 – Preschool training and education
6. 050509 – Computer Sciences
At present, the faculty incorporates several specialty areas and has four operating specialty departments which prepare the specialists on six above mentioned specializations.  Since the university has joined the Bologna process the faculty is functioning in the Bologna system and apparently it gives the opportunity of recognition of diplomas in foreign countries, as well as, in Europe. At present, 464 students study at the bachelor level in the above mentioned specialties. 
The existence of the Pedagogical faculty within the MSU has a great importance in training the skilled experts in the region. Currently the staff of the faculty consist of 71 professor- teachers, six assistant professors of Philosophy, 48 teachers and 4 technical staff. The faculty has a broad perspective plans and they are carried out in the field of renovation and development  in accordance with the state policy.
Head of  the Department   
Nizami Dilanchi oghlu Zeynalov.
 He was born in Varvara,Yevlakh region in 1977.
1994-1998 – subject area-History, Baku State University,Baku,Azerbaijan.
1998- History teacher at a secondary school N35, Nasimi district,Baku,Azerbaijan.
1999-2001 – In military service
2002-2005 – Master’s degre on History at Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan.
2003- History teacher at the secondary school named after N.Narimanov,Mingachevir,Azerbaijan.
2006-2009 – Post graduate at the Institute of History named after A.A.Bakhikhanov of AMEA and in 2010 having defended his dissertation on the topic of “Migrations and Azerbaijan at the end of I millenium BC-at the beginning of I milenium AD” on Homeland History, received his PhD in History.
2010- tutor/technician, academic secretary (2010) at Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute
2011- Dean of the faculty “Pedagogy” and senior lecturer in “Social and Natural Sciences” at Mingachevir branch of ATT,Mingachevir,Azerbaijan.
Since 2015 started his scientific research on “Foreign policy of Azerbaijan (antique era- IV century BC- IV century AD” on the program of Doctor of Sciences of Institute of History named after A.A. Bakhikhanov of ANAS, Baku,Azerbaijan.
At present he is the head of the Department of “Pedagogy” at Mingachevir State University.
Marital status: Married, three children.
 Author of 20 scientific works.
1. Once more on the ethnicity of the Mingechaurian catacomb burials / / Questions of the humanities, M .: Sputnik +, 2009, No. 1 (39), p.
2. The Migrations of the Sarmatae and Caucasian Albania // Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis. 2009, vol. 103 – 104, № 1 – 2, p. 134 – 141.
3. Migrations in the western part and Azerbaijan (the first hundred years after the millennium – the first hundred years after the millennium). National historioqrafi problems // Culture universe, Ankara: Culture Agency Publications, 2009, I, № 2, p.
4. Indicators of ancient migration in the Mingachevir zone // Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis, 2011, №1-2, vol. 109-110, p. 102-107.
5. Ancient migration traces in the territory of the Caucasian Albania // Vestnik Kazakh National University named after. Al-Farabi. Historical Series, 2011, №1 (60), p. 132-134
6. About the Early Hunt Migration in the Last Sarmatian Period (II-IV centuries) // Scientific Works of the Institute of History of ANAS, 2008, 26th, p. 5-16
7. About the ethnic affiliation of Mingachevir catacomb graves // News of ANAS. History, philosophy, law series, 2009, № 10, p. 72-82
8. Area migrations and the Albanian state of Azerbaijan // Scientific Works of the Institute of History of ANAS, 2010, 32th c., P. 132-140
Deputy Dean: Suleymanova Sevindj Nariman
Was born on 13 August, 1966 in Mingachevir city. Graduated from Azerbaijan Pedagogical Russian language and literature Institute: field of study- Russian language and literature on specialty  Teaching Russian and its literature in 1988.
1988-1998 –  Russian language  teacher at School N4 in Mingachevir.
1998-2006– Russian language teacher at Lachin main school for refugees in Mingachevir and at the same time branch leader at World  Food Programme  International organization
2006-2015 – Methodist at Retraining and Pedagogical faculties, and at Credit system and cabinet  of Assessment students’ attainments at the Mingachevir branch of Azerbaijan Teacher  Training Institute.
2015 – Deputy Dean of  Pedagogical faculty at Mingachevir  State University.
Doing PhD in Philology at Ganja State University
She has some publications.
Marital status: married, one child.
1. Nizami Zeynalov Dilanchi –  dean
2. Suleymanova Sevindj Nariman-  deputy dean
3. Hasanova Kamella Suleyman – tutor
4. Samadova Sevindj Ragub – tutor
5. Najaphova Gunel Alim  – tutor
6. Mammadova Elmaya  Elman – assistant