MDU players returned from Ganja with bronze

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MDU players returned from Ganja with bronze

The traditional mini-football tournament among students and youth has taken place in Ganja Olympic Sports Complex on the occasion of the International Student Day organized by the Republican Committee of Free Trade Unions of Azerbaijan Education Employees. Representatives from Ganja State University, Azerbaijan University of Technology, Azerbaijan State Agrarian University and Mingachevir State University attended the meeting.

The first meeting took place between the representatives of MSU and ASAU. In a tense struggle, the ASAU team won with a score of 8: 5.

The second meeting took place between GSU and AUT representatives and won the GDU team with a score of 4: 2.

At the next stage MDU and AUT teams competed for 3rd and 4th places. As a result, the team of Mingachevir State University won the 4th place and the team of Azerbaijan University of Technology ranked fourth.

GSU and ASAU teams competed for I and II places. The main part of the match was not opened. At the time the winner was not determined yet. Defending the winner is in the penalty series. Ganja State University team won the tournament with a score of 1 ball in the penalty shootout.

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