MDU students have been trained in ICT field

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MDU students have been trained in ICT field

On December 7, 2018, representatives of the Information Technology Agency Samir Imanov and Yagub Mammadov trained university students on “Helpdesk” and “cyber security” with the joint organization of the Mingachevir State University Student Organization and the Student Trade Union Committee.

Trainer Samir Imanov said that Helpdesk course is an ideal choice for those who have been enrolled in the IT, who works in this area and wants to get their acquaintance. The training lays on theoretical and practical training on computer equipment, operating systems, networking technology and security. That’s right. After the completion of the course, students may wish to choose one from other domains in the field of information technologies and continue their courses in the field or start working in the expert services sector in the company.

Then the trainer Yagub Mammadov informed the students about “cyber security”. It provides students with user security insights; basic concepts of personal behavior (password, email, mobility, social networks) and cyber-security; What is the purpose of cyber security ?; How to deal with security concerns; What are security and defense controls, what are the means to respond to security events ?; Understand why the attack is being carried out; Review regional security and regulatory aspects on the financial peculiarities (PCI DSS, mbanking, eBanking); He talked about ethics and standards related to cyber security.

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