Mingachevir State University, organized at Amasia University IV International Mir Hamza Nigari Symposium was represented

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Mingachevir State University, organized at Amasia University

IV International Mir Hamza Nigari Symposium was represented

25-27 оctomber 2018, Amasia University, ADPU and its Shamakhi branch, AUSSAM (Center for Social and Strategic Studies of Amasia), MIRAS Public Union for Cultural Heritage Support and AZERDER (Azerbaijan Turks Culture, Art and Solidarity Association) organized a symposium on the Turkish-Azerbaijani relations in the city of Amasya, the Republic of Turkey, on the occasion of the IVth International Hamza Nigari Azerbaijan Democratic Republic’s 100th anniversary.

Let us note that Amasya, a beautiful city of Anatolia, has been of strategic importance for states that have historically ruled these lands. Therefore, Amasya was considered as one of the cities where most of the countries that want to take part in Anatolia. This vast and colorful heritage, which the history has given Amasy, has been investigated by many researchers, and at different times, various alphabets and works have been created in different languages. Historically, the area where Amazya is located is a diamond mine and it is called “Amasya” so that it can be easily adapted to words. The princes were sent to this city to practice before the throne, so the city is called the “Prince of princes”.

The symposium was intended to be dedicated to Amasya and Seyyid Mir Hamza Nigari. Sayyid Mir Hamza Nigari and his teacher Ismayil Shirvani, who was born in Karabakh in 1797, are considered not only Amasya’s spiritual treasures as well as all Anatolia.

The symposium was attended by representatives from the Amasia University of Turkey, Konya Najmeddin Erbakan University, Istanbul University, Bursa Uludag University, Corum Hittite University, Istanbul Turkey Solidarity and Culture Association, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and its Shamakhi branch, Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Literature named after Nizami Institute of Manuscripts named after M. Fuzuli, Folklore Institute, Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, Azerbaijan Education Institute, Mingachevir State University, Ganja State University, MIRAS Public Union, Italy International Yokoku Assosiation, Derbent Azerbaijan State Drama Theater , Georgian Caucasian Heritage Research Institute, scientists from Iran Union of Ashugs, researchers and speakers made speeches.

Three persons from Mingachevir State University – PhD on pedagogy, associate professor Zenfira Azizova “Language factor in the formation of national identity”, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor Namazova “The power of word in the creativity of Ilyas Efendiyev”, philology philologist Rahila Mammadova “Language culture, a tool for development “, and received certificates at the symposium. During the three-day symposium, our associate professor Zenfira Azizova chaired one of the sectional sessions.

At the final session of the symposium, the V International Hamza Nigari Symposium was announced in Tbilisi, Georgia.

It should be noted that the delegation from Azerbaijan originally built in 1890 by a businessman in Trabzon in the Soyuqsu district of Trabzon, where the four-storey mansion is located at the historic sites in Georgia and then in Turkey, including the Renaissance Tower, the Hagia Sophia mosque in Trabzon, On 18.05.1931 he was nominated for the people of Trabzon by Ataturk), visited Mirhamza Nigari’s places and other interesting and sights.

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