MSU students at “Mathematical Night”

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MSU students at “Mathematical Night

At Mingachevir State Pedagogical Faculty there are always interesting events. On December 22, 2018, organized by the Department of “Mathematics”, the “Math Night” devoted to the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and the life and scientific creativity of Shahi Nasreddin Tusi was held.

First of all, the stand and the draws of the university’s lobby have attracted attention. The images of famous mathematicians, information on this science, are “the master of mathematical sciences, it is his crown”, “there is no geographical boundary for mathematics”, “a great world for mathematics is a single country” and others.

Leading scientists and specialists of the university, pedagogical staff of the department, heads of departments, media representatives, teachers and pupils attended the event.

Opening the event, Dean of the Faculty, PhD in History, Associate Professor Nizami Zeynalov opened the event and wished success to the students of mathematics and welcomed the students’ step in mathematics.

Student of the group RI17 Aytac Aliyeva presented the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day: historical facts to the participants’ attention.

Then, the students talked about the innovations in the mathematics subject, the methods and ways that many mathematical deeds are easily fulfilled. Based on their examples, the students demonstrated the use of electronic boards to capture mathematical acts and justified their views with a few examples.

In the presentation of Zarnigar Mammadova, student of group R17, Nasreddin Tusi’s life and creativity, interesting facts about the science world with the presentation of different groups, contribution to the world science of Azerbaijani mathematicians were presented in the presentation of different groups.

Then there was a math quiz competition among 4 groups. Winners of the quiz were rewarded with the jury presentation.

Students answered briefly about mathematics after answering puzzles on math. The beautiful logic of the secrets of secrets was met with applause.

After the national dance, students said wise sayings: “I taught them what I taught, reading and counting is a treasure”, “Truth in science always leads to self”, “Knowledge must be earned to be useful in life”, ” upbringing “.

The students performed the song “The master of mathematical sciences”. Other students, along with mathematics, are also required to learn other subjects, while expressing their importance, they also performed several poems about science.

The event participants presented the scenes prepared by the pupils to the participants. “The First Mathematician Woman”, “The Founder of Tronometry” Abdul Vafa, “Geometric Gravity”, “The Issue of Digits”, “The Golden Ratio”, “The Subject of the Problems” mathematical scenes. During the night, students also performed poetry by singing poems related to mathematics to the development of this science.

In conclusion, the head of the Department of Mathematics, Ph.D., Associate Professor Sahib Mustafayev said that in the global world of media development, human information abounds. Mass infusion aids load brains. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the society and the scientist are not demanded. There is a need for sophisticated work, accurate knowledge. The master of mathematical sciences! Today, he has a place in all aspects of life, even in literature!

Sahib Mustafayev noted that mathematics is a science that is difficult and boring at first sight. You need to understand it to love it. It has come a long way from the same time as mankind. At present, mathematical science is at a high level in our country. But it is necessary to bring the teaching to the world standards and to develop students’ thinking. Today’s night is for the development of math science to be loved among pupils. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who are involved in the event and those who are in trouble for the event.

The more memorable moment of the event was remembered with the big cake cut for the night of “Mathematics”. Performance of “ Let’s be friendly” was performed by students of the department. At the end a photo was taken.

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