Representatives of MSU and secondary schools met at a scientific seminar

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Representatives of MSU and secondary schools met at a scientific seminar

The scientific-theoretical seminar on “Mutual Relations of Higher Education and Secondary Education Institutions: Existing Problems and Their Solutions” dedicated to “State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan” was held at Mingachevir State Pedagogical Faculty.

Rector of Mingachevir State University Akif Hajiyev opened the seminar. He noted that as a result of the recent socio-economic policy, the country has achieved great development, the material well-being of the population has improved, the level of poverty has been minimized and the Republic of Azerbaijan is among the middle-income countries. Reforms and large-scale infrastructure projects have created conditions for the reconstruction and sustainable development of socio-economic life.

The Rector noted that the next strategic task facing the country is to ensure sustainable economic development and increase the living standards of the population through further modernization of the socio-economic life and adaptation to advanced international practice. Modernization is primarily related to the successful application of advanced technologies and management methods, innovations created on the basis of scientific achievements in the country’s socio-economic life. Priority for this is the acceleration of integration of the economy into the world economy, as well as the development of human capital in the country, ensuring the person to acquire modern knowledge and skills. Development of human capital is one of the most important conditions in the process of successful integration of the economy into the global system and the country’s effective utilization of international competition, which is the main task of the education system of the country, he underlined.

Akif Hajiyev noted that besides those mentioned, there is a need for new steps in the direction of meeting the challenges of human capital development in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is rapidly becoming modernized, and the quality of the general education needs to be adapted to the European standards. To improve the quality of education it is necessary to re-establish the education management system, to develop human resources in this area and to increase the influence of teacher profession.

Rector Akif Hajiyev “State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan” In the Republic of Azerbaijan, five strategic directions of large-scale measures are envisaged for the creation of an advanced education-based education system in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is a leading position among world countries for qualified outcomes and competencies. .

Later the lectures were heard at the seminar. Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, PhD, Associate Professor Sahib Mammadov, “Pedagogical Fundamentals of Inheritance between General Education Schools and Higher Education Institutions”, Naila Mammadova, Head of Mingachevir City Technical and Humanitarian Lyceum, “Pedagogical Culture”, Head of Foreign Languages ​​Department, Ph.D. Zenfira Azizova “Actual problems of competitive pedagogical personnel training”, docent of “Humanities” chair, fil.fd Namaz Manafov delivered a speech on “Qualitative teaching of the Azerbaijani language as an important factor in improving the state language”, Sabina Guliyeva, Director of the Center for Quality Assurance and Control in Education, head teacher of “Pedagogy and Psychology” Chair, “Skills for Parenting in the Identified Education System”.

Then an open discussion began. Vice Rector for Education, Associate Professor Rovshan Aliyev, Teacher of Azerbaijani Language and Literature at Technical Humanitarian Lyceum Aygun Novruzova, Director of High School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Aida Ismayilova, High School Director Naila Mammadova, Head of Humanities Department, Associate Professor Esmira Jafarova, History Teacher of the school №20 Mansur Hasanov, Dean of Pedagogical Faculty, Associate Professor Nizami Zeynalov, Director of School №19 Gultakin Guliyeva, Mathematics Teacher of Technical Lyceum Arzu Huseynova, Associate Professor Sahib Mammadov, Elementary School №17 class teacher Narmina Aliyeva, graduate of the Mingachevir State University, Zenfira Aliyeva, Elementary class teacher of the school №1, Raifa Murshudova, Coordinator of the Training for Educational Process Organizing sector, Responsible representative of Mingachevir Executive Authority, school psychologist Tarlan Aliyeva closely participated, exchanged views and made proposals.

During the discussion, it was noted that the university should focus on enhancing contacts in science, education, education, expanding the Sabah’s scholars program, developing students’ speech skills, teaching and methodical literature and deficiencies in tutoring, organizing meetings with teachers in higher and secondary schools, implementation of campaigns, problems related to practice, parents’ trust in graduates and other problems and ideas.

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