“Round table” on “Propaganda of family and national and spiritual values” was held among students and young people at the Mingachevir State University

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“Round table” on “Propaganda of family and national and spiritual values”

was held among students and young people at the Mingachevir State University

On January 22, 2019, Student Youth Organization of Mingachevir State University hosted a roundtable on “Propaganda of family and national and spiritual values”. The chairman of the Student Youth Organization Samrin Khanlaev spoke about family values ​​and spoke about the sources of family problems facing our society and ways and means of their solution. He said that historically the family has played an important role in our national development, as a protector of the high spiritual values ​​of our people, as a carrier of our gene pool. It is important that in contrast to a number of societies, the family institution in the Azerbaijani society maintains its full social and national mission.

Samrin Khanlayev noted that in order to ensure a healthy, happy family life, members should have a sincere, cultural attitude and parent-child relationships should be established properly. The Azerbaijani family should first of all adhere to national traditions. Children must be brought up with our national-moral values ​​since they were born. Respect for the greatness and attachment to national values ​​constitute the basis of this upbringing. Culture, mutual respect, and rules of behavior that arise from this respect are the core of family morality. He will protect the land that protects his family and will seek the welfare of the Motherland, who wants the stability of his family. The positive psycho-psychological climate of the family penetrates the social environment. One should not overlook the fact that the family is an institution that has always been closely linked with the community. Samrin Khanlaev Globalization, rapid development of information technology, and penetration of internet into every aspect of life have shown that, in addition to a number of positive trends, he sometimes plays a negative role. The propaganda of ideas that are unfamiliar to our nation, behavioral styles, sometimes leads to a growing generation. Sometimes undesirable transformations occur in family relationships. The society, every citizen, must take a strong stand against these alien tendencies, and use force to protect national values.

Then the participants of the roundtable talked about their views on the subject and the responsibilities and responsibilities of the members of the society and especially the youth in the solution of the mentioned problem.

Later on, social reels of Orkhan Jahangirov, “Afterwards”, Soltan Abbasbeyli’s “In His Hand” social trunks, which were jointly organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the State Committee for Family, Women and Children, and the UN Population Fund, Mahammad Qulamov’s “For a moment”, Sariyya Jafarova’s “8 families killed in Khojaly” were screened.

Participants of the event exchanged views on social media and films.

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