”Russian language” night at Mingachevir State University

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                   ”Russian language” night at Mingachevir State University

”Russian language” night was held in Mingachevir State University. Head of Foreign Languages Department, associate professor Zenfira Azizova opened the event with introductory word. She noted that the connection between language and people was indicated by well-known German scientist and thinker Wilhelm von Humbolt in the mid-nineteenth century. He called the language as the spirit of the people and noted that the formation of the nations as well as their traditions, national values and culture are formed by means of language. The history of the whole world shows that the erosion of cultures, states and people from the earth is the consequence of the language loss and weakness. With the loss of the language, people are deviating from their own mentality of their own culture of their own uniqueness.

Zenfira Azizova noted that our Republic has always made a great contribution for the development of Russian language. This is a major factor for growing importance of the Russian language and Russian culture. The main purpose of the Russian language evening is to ensure support to Russian language and Russian culture. First of all, this is a contribution to those who tend to learn Russian and to the students studying at MSU.

Later Nargiz Islamova, head teacher of the Foreign Languages Department and one of the organizers of the night, spoke at the event. She noted that Russian language has become the language of national minorities in many countries of Commonwealth of Independent States. “As it is known, Azerbaijan has been a part of the Russian language community for a long time and consequently, most of the population has adopted the Russian language. The Russian language is still being used as a secondary language at socio – economic, scientific-cultural and public areas in Azerbaijan”.

Nargiz Islamova noted that Azerbaijan has created political and legal atmosphere(environment) for the use of the Russian language. There are only few countries in the world that finance Russian language based schools and universities by their own budget, provide the publication of books as well as manuals, and the preparation of specialists. Nargiz Islamova completed her speech with the words of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev. “I want our youth to read Shakespeare in English, Fizulih in Azerbaijani, and Pushkin in Russian language”.

Then the presenters of the event Tarana Mustafayeva, a student of the group EE 17 and a student of the group ST17.2 Laman Mammadova, introduced the teams “Golden Armada” (Золотая армада), “Leader” (Лидер) and “Maximum” (Максимум) which were going to compete at the event.

According to the program, at the first stage, the teams answered the questions at competition “What? Where? When?” and the results were assessed according to 5 point system by the jury.

At the second stage, captains of the teams “Our country” (Наша страна), “Our city” (Наш город), “Our university” (Наш университет) demonstrated their knowledge during the questionnaire.

At the third stage, the teams made and retold stories on topics “The city where I study”, “Our country,” and “Our University” during five minutes .

At the first part of the event students performed a song about Let the sun always shine” during the break.

At the next stage the captains of the teams were asked to tell a piece of poetry “Azerbaijan” by Samad Vurgun by heart.

At the fifth stage, the grammatical knowledge of all members of the teams has been checked.

At the next stage, the teams were given task to make a dialogue with each other . During the event, there was a strong competence among the teams competing for victory.

At the end of the night, the head of the Foreign Languages Department, associate professor

Zenfira Azizova congratulating all the teams noted that, by the decision of jury, friendship and unity had been defined as the winner of competition. She congratulated the participants on the coming remarkable days and wished success in their exams. The event continued with the accompaniment of music.

It should be noted that the composition of the jury were associate professor Zenfira Azizova, head of the Department of Foreign Languages, the senior teacher Matanat Ismayilova, Matanat Yusifova, the senior teacher of the department “Humanities”, and the staff of the university Antonina Lukovskova. The teams were trained for the “Russian language” night by senior teachers Nargiz Islamova and Lala Huseynova, and teachers, Rozetta Yusubova and Irada Guliyeva, of the Dpartment of Foreign Languages.

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