The 70th anniversary of Mingachevir was celebrated with a series of events at the Mingachevir State University

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The 70th anniversary of Mingachevir was celebrated with a series of events at the Mingachevir State University

Seventy years ago, young people from all over the country moved to the construction of the city of light with a call for komsomol, many of them became the first residents of this city, married and landed, contributed to the development of our republic, turned this young city into the fourth industrial-production center in Azerbaijan.

In 1991, a new educational institution, the first high school, the Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute was established in this industrial city.

It is just the main challenges of the new era that reforms that meet the rapid pace of development required by time. Given that our republic has achieved great economic growth in recent years, the necessity of adapting the development of science fields to the level of economic evolution is undeniable. It is known that the basis of economic revenues of our republic is income from oil and gas exports. At present one of the main goals is to transform oil capital into human capital. This is primarily due to the preparation of highly qualified scientific and professional staff in the country.

During 24 years of activity, the Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute has achieved the above mentioned. From this point of view, in Mingachevir, which is the fourth city of Azerbaijan in the Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute subordinated to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan under the order of President Ilham Aliyev dated July 24, 2015, No. 1335, Mingachevir State University was established under the Ministry of Education.

The goal of its creation is to establish a higher education institution that honors the mission of fulfilling the requirements of the region in accordance with the needs of the region, as well as establishing a higher education institution that respects the needs of the region, and strengthening the intellectual capital by developing positive experience and traditions accumulated at Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute, to achieve a higher position in the field of science, education and upbringing, by improving the operating system by applying the most advanced and up-to-date teaching methods and development strategies.

Together with the predecessor of Mingachevir State University, she has played a part in the 70-year history of this city. A series of events were held at Mingachevir State University on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the city. First, students were involved in cleaning the premises in the main building. Students of the Pedagogical Faculty excursion to the city’s largest production facility, Azerbaijan IES LLC and Mingachevir History Museum.

The head of the Central Administration Chain, engineer Mugaddat Babashov familiarized the students with the work of the station with the dean of the faculty, associate professor Nizami Zeynalov, the head of the press service Nazim Niftaliyev and the academician Shabnam Islamova. Explained the activities of the management point, the processes in the energy block, to the students.

Ramiz Novruzov, the Chief of the Kazan-Turbine Office No. 1, gave detailed information to the students on the process of energy production and operation of the equipment.

The press officer Nazim Niftaliyev informed the students about the activities of the Azerbaijan IES LLC, which he has worked for over 10 years.

Memorable photos were taken.

Then the students made an excursion to the Mingachevir Historical Museum. The museum was visited by students of the Pedagogical Faculty and students of the Faculty of Engineering Ilham Mammadov and Hokuma Askerova. Director of the museum Nofar Mammadaliyev greeted the students and invited the museum to look at it. The museum’s leading instructor gave detailed information about exhibits to the museum.

Memorable photos were taken.

The students of the Faculty of Economics first visited the photo exhibition “Mingachevir 70” and then got acquainted with the handicrafts of the student of group TO18 Khadija Gasimova. Later, the head of the press service viewed the documentary film “Mingachevir”, which was authored by Nazim Niftaliyev.

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