The “One” Student-Volunteerism Program at MSU

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The “One” Student-Volunteerism Program at MSU

Student-Volunteer Program “One” event was held at Mingachevir State University. During the presentation, the students were informed about the “One” Student Volunteer Program, volunteerism philosophy, the main directions of the program and opportunities for participation in the program. During the presentations, students shared their ideas about volunteerism and made creative initiatives.

The event was organised by Janoglan Ilyasov, a coordinator of the “One” Student Volunteer Program. The “One” Student-Volunteer Program operates in 6 different directions. The directions help students-volunteers to spend their leisure time efficiently, gain experience in various fields, increase their knowledge and skills, live a colorful student life, and have fun. The event participants watched a video clip about the activity of the student youth participating in the “One” Student Volunteer Program.

Some trainings for volunteers and volunteer leaders will be carried out in this area. The program envisages the organization of team work and individual work in the team, “who is volunteering?”, organization of campaigns, marathons and activities as well as trainings on various actual topics. Within the framework of planned projects that will be of regular nature, students will gain extensive knowledge and skills in various fields and topics.

A number of entertaining programs with the students are organized by the leading coach Janoglan Ilyasov, where winners were rewarded.

It should be noted that the”One’ Students Volunteer Program, being the program of the Ministry of Education, was created to systemize the organization of student-volunteer work, stimulate the students involvement in volunteer activities and is planning a series of large-scale events over the next years.

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