The priorities of education policy has been discussed in MSU

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The priorities of education policy has been discussed in MSU

According to the activities plan of Pedagogical Department of Mingechevir State University, has held a scientific conference on “The priorities of education policy in Azerbaijan: Modern aproaches”. Akif Hadjiyev, the Director of the University has opened the conference with introductory speech. He, reminding of the words of our nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev that the education is the future of a nation the great leader showed the way of successful development of a country making first steps in development and determined its directions of activities. Akif Hadjiyev said that Ilham Aliyev, an honourable continuer of the great leader, the president of the republic w2ith his far sighted policy and dignity has achieved to raise Azerbaijani education up to a new development level.  

The Director noted that as it has been reflected in the State Strategy targetting the development of Azerbaijan education the strong Azerbaijan government founded by Heydar Aliyev, the nation wide leader has been living its rapid development period under the leadership of Ilham Aliyev, the president of tha country as a result of wide scale social-economic policy. Akif Hadjiyev has stressed that the purposeful reforms has led the country to modern development level and laid a strong ground for tyhe future development. Azerbaijan has entered a new – modernization period. The main targets of this period are adaptation of social-economic life to the progressive international practice provision of sustainable economic development and raise of the living standards. The human capital of strong and highly developed Azerbajan is the main target of our modern statehood philosophy. The relization of this target highly depends on our education and its duties.

Some other reports were listened during the plenary meeting. Nizami Zeynalov, the dean of pedagogical department made a speech on “Actual problems of preparation of pedagogical specialists”, Esmira Djafarova, manager of humanitarian subjects department spoke on “Actual preoblems of teaching humanitarian subjects in raising the quality of higher professional education”, Z.Azizova, the manager of foreign languages department spoke on “Actual problems of teaching foreign languages”, Sahib Mammadov, manager of Pedagogical and Psychological department made a speech on “The Realities and Perspectives of Pre-school and Primary education, Sabina Guliyeva, Head teacher from Pedagogical and Psychological department spoke on “Innovations in education and science”. All the speakers mentioned that integrating all progressive education systems and using the best international practice the education system of our country is being developed, and reformed due to the general requirements of our time.

The speakers also mentioned in the century of modern globalization the way of national progress in Azerbaijan goes through the development of education and science, modern knowledge, development of intellectual labour and wide application of modern computer and information technologies in all levels of management. Considering this reality successfulscience and knowledge policy solution of main due problems gains new importance. It should also be mentioned special attention to the education in the country conditions the rapid economic development of the country and having huge financial resources. Therefore, as proportional development of education in all directions require investments, financial opprtunities enabled the implementation of global projects come true and made fertile condition for them.

The reporters mentioned that the development of education and bringing up a healthy citizens has become a nationwide matter. First of all, it is the demand of education strategy determined by the government we have to take active part in the realization of this goal. The future of our people and the only way to the integration of our people to world civilization depends on the development of our education.

At the end of plenary meeting Akif Hadjiyev the director of Mingechevir State University expressed hid thanksw for actual and important speeches.

After the lunch break the meetings in the sections started. The section “Education Policy” was held in the library, the section “Education Problems” in the meeting hall. It should be mentioned that, in the two day conference some reporters, represented Mingechevir State University, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Ganja State University and teachers from Mingechevir high schools. About 50 thesis were reported during the conference.

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