The scholarships are presented to the students in ATUC

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The scholarships are presented to the students in ATUC

On October 26, In Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation (ATUC), according to the results of the 2016-2017 Summer Exams, excellent and active students were presented the scholarships of the Republican Committee of Independent Trade Union of Azerbaijan Education Employees (ITUAEE).

The chairman of the ATUC and the member of National Assembly (MilliMajlis) SattarMohbaliyev congratulated the students on this occasion at presentation ceremony. S.Mohbaliev informed the participants that granting scholarships to high school students occupies one of the important places in the activities undertaken by the the Republican Committee of Independent Trade Union of Azerbaijan Education Employees (ITUAEE) .The scholarship was established in 1995 by the decision of the Presidium of the Republican Committee. So far, 2087 students have benefited from this scholarship and only for the past five years 201,700 manats have been spent from the budget of the Republican Committee for these purposes. Today, there are 61 students who will be presented the Republican Committee of ITUAEE ‘s scholarship. All of them are bothexcellent students and active youth oftrade union.

The chairman of ATUC told that one of our important tasks is to support these young people and to increase their interest in education. Today, youth policy is one of the priorities in Azerbaijan. Under the leadership of the worthy successor of national leader Heydar Aliyev, President IlhamAliyev conducts consistent work to ensure the development of youth. The measures taken in the field of work with the youth in our country stimulates the development of Azerbaijani youth, and they play a big role in approving themselves in the society. The state’s youth policy and the purposeful steps taken by youth in education, social protection and employment as a result of this policy expands the possibilities of young people. It is no coincidence that at present, thousands of Azerbaijani youth are educated at state-owned universities in the leading universities of the world’s developed countries, creating all conditions for their future development as a worthy citizen.

S.Moalbaliev noted that steps are being taken to form a healthy young generation. The President of Azerbaijan has signed many decrees and state programs for the development of sports in order to ensure the healthy development of the young generation. Olympic complexes, meeting all modern requirements were built and given to our young people. The President of the country IlhamAliyev constantly keeps young people in focus of attention. He regularly organizes meetings with young people, listens to them, and does a great job to lift problems facing our youth. The decree of the head of state on the approval of the State Program “Youth of Azerbaijan in 2017-2021” and the measures envisaged by the state program signed by the head of state on September 15, 2017 are indications of the state policy carried out in this direction.

S.Moalbaliev later said that we as the Republican Committee of ITUAEE also try to contribute to the development of our youth. For this purpose, each year, the Republican Committee of ITUAEE organizes sports festivals, contests, races, intellectual games. Every year free lunch for students with severe social conditions, and financial aid to members in need, are also organized. Our main aim in organizing these events is to create an interest in science and education in young people, to organize their leisure time, and to eludethem from unpleasant habits.

The chairman of ATUC congratulated the young people on the occasion of being awarded the Republican Committee of ITUAEE’s scholarship and wished them new successes and called for a close association around trade unions.

Then the scholarships were presented to the students. It should be noted that the winners are students of Baku, Ganja, Sumgayit, Mingachevir and Lankaran universities.

This year the student of Mingachevir State University, studying at the speciality 050101 The Teacher of Azerbaijan Language and Literature, Hajiyeva Kamala was nominated for the “Scholarship”. At the presentation the scholarship was presented to our student by the deputy of the MilliMajlis, the chairman of the Republican Committee of Independent Trade Union of Azerbaijan Education Employees (ITUAEE) SattarMehbaliyev.

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