The students of the MDU are involved in the “ASAN” volunteer organization

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The students of the MDU are involved in the “ASAN”
volunteer organization

A meeting was held with the student contingent of Mingachevir State University, which will be members of the future volunteer group of “ASAN” IIFF, complex, which will soon start operating in Mingachevir. Responsible representatives of the State Agency for Citizens Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, senior adviser Sabuhi Avazli, leading adviser Saray Mayilzadeh and representatives of ASAN volunteer organization attended the meeting.

First of all, Saray Mayilzadeh informed about various projects of ASAN volunteer organization. Then, the leading adviser focused on the activities of the ASAN volunteer organization noted that, volunteering at “ASAN service” centers is an experimental school that has contributed to state .policy in this direction in Azerbaijan. So far, about 4,000 volunteers have been working in “ASAN service” centers and have been given a range of practical knowledge and skills during this time. Many of our graduate volunteers are currently working in government and private institutions.

S.Mayilzadeh said that ASAN School was established to carry out this process more systematically and centrally. The goal of this experimental school is to improve volunteerism in Azerbaijan. ASAN School, by applying cutting-edge technological and innovative innovations in the world, provides young people with knowledge and skills through professional trainers in areas that are relevant to the country. We invite you to pass through this life school, no matter if you are a students or alumni and to build your future successful career with us.

Then Sabuhi Avazli gave information about “Master 1” and “Master 2”. He said that “Master 1” was created to improve volunteerism. The main purpose of this program is to support the general development of youth regardless of their level of education and qualifications, to familiarize themselves with the work of ASAN service centers and to ensure their participation in administrative reforms in the Republic of Azerbaijan. He noted that under the “Master 1”, young people participate in various trainings and acquire practical skills. At the same time, teamwork skills are formed among young people. “Master 1” is carried out within 8 weeks. Within the framework of the program the activity of the youth is evaluated according to the specially developed rules of evaluation, and the program participants get one of three types of certificates and reference.

Then Sabuhi Avazli gave detailed information about the “Master 2” stage. He noted that the “Master 2” stage is a part of the “ASAN School” volunteer program as a result of the cooperation of the State Agency for Citizens Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the partner organization for volunteers who wish to gain experience in the field of specialization in order to improve their volunteerism.

Sabuhi Avazli said that the main goal of the program is to support young people to improve their professional skills and abilities. ASAN volunteers who successfully complete the first stage of volunteering activities at “ASAN service” centers (Master 1) can apply to one of the proposed institutions on their respective fields of expertise by choosing one among different aspects in their field of expertise. The “Master 2” stage is based on the following three areas: administrative management; social management; business management.

The speaker emphasized that, ASAN volunteers are sent to the various public and private institutions during eight weeks within the “Master 2” stage. During this time, they are trained in the designated organizations and participate in trainings. In addition, the participants are involved in short-term courses at the State Agency at the beginning and at the end of the program.

Sabuhi Avazli also said that the activity of the participants who completed the program are evaluated by the relevant body and the participants considered acceptable are rewarded with certificates prepared by the “ASAN School” Volunteer Program, which is approved by the State Agency and the relevant body.

Then the students were shown a video clip about volunteering activities at “ASAN service” centers.

After the video material, students took an active part in the question-and- answer process. Sabuhi Avazli and Saray Mayilzadeh answered to the given questions in details as well.

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