The students of the Mingachevir State University held a rally

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The students of the Mingachevir State University held a rally

Students of the Faculty of Engineering at Mingachevir State University visited the residents of the Mingachevir City Central Hospital pediatrician’s Neurosurgical Sanatorium. The students donated their food and clothing to small children. The children were happily welcoming. Children who had no limit to their joy embraced their students and accepted them as their own. The students were like them, dressed in their new clothes, shared their joys, and did not spare their spirits. The staff of the neurosurgical sanatorium is helping students, trying to add color to the children’s joy.

According to department head Sevinj Abbasova, the sanatorium operates for more than 30 years. Since 2015, the sanatorium has moved to the new building, which is currently operating. There are 22 children serving here. Five of them go to school, but they also have neurological problems. Others are still too old and do not allow health to read. There are 58 children with children. Four of them are doctors, 15 nurses and others. According to Sevinj Abbasova, sanatorium is undergoing medical examination for children from Mingachevir, Yevlakh and Agdash regions. Sanatorium is intended for children up to 18 years old. He noted that the parents of both children are generally unknown, they are children who have been abandoned, others have parents, but because they are suffering from neurological diseases, they are examined and treated there.

Sevinj Abbasova said that Gismat Aliyev is the most serious illness in neurological sanatorium. The child is bedridden with severe form of cerebral palsy. According to him, the Neurological Sanatorium is well supplied by the Central Hospital with medicines, clothing and food. Hygienic purity, examination, treatment, massage, physiotherapy service at the sanatorium is highly recommended by doctors and medical personnel. In the sanatorium children are mainly engaged in pediatric, psychologist, logging, chess and English teachers with children going to school. The sanatorium is equipped with 4 beds, 2 classes, 2 doctors, games, procedure, massage and needle, kitchen, warehouse, bath and toilet.

It should be noted that in the sanatorium both the service staff and the conditions are organized at the highest level. The sanatorium, equipped with modern equipment, has created favorable conditions for children’s comfort and treatment.   

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