Vice President for Academic Affairs

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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Veysel Ayyubov Seyfel

Doctor of Economics, professor

MSU Vice President on Academic Affairs

Phone: (+994 24) 2741433



 • Was born on October 4, 1952 in Agdash region of Azerbaijan. Lives in Mingachevir since 1953.

• Graduated from the Institute of Azerbaijan National Economy in 1974.


• Revisionist-accountant at The Ministry of Light Industry of Azerbaijan, 1974-1976

 • Engineer-Economist at the cloth-cleared cotton community, 1976-77

 • Economist at Mingachevir Construction Firm № 5 / head of the Laboratory of Economic Analysis, 1977-88

• Instructor/secretary at  Mingachevir  Communist Party Committee,1988-91

•Head of the Department at Mingachevir branch of  Industry University, 1991

•  Mingachevir City Deputy Mayor, 1991-92

• Head of the Department of Education at  Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute since  1992/Vice-rector for Educational-Scientific Affairs since 1997

•Vice President for Academic Affairs at Mingachevir State University since 2015


• 1970-1974 – student, the Institute of Azerbaijan National Economy named after D. Bunyadzadeh

• 1981-1985 – aspirant  at the Central Scientific-Research Institute of Experimental Design, Moscow.

• 1986 – ien, Scientific-Research  Economics Institute of the USSR, Moscow.

• 1996 – associate professor at the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

• 2008 – ied, ,Institute of Economics,National Academy of Sciences

• 2013 – Professor, by the decision of the Supreme Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

• 2009-2014- Member of the Dissertation Council for pursuing defence on getting the Scientific degree in Economy and Doctor of Sciences at the Institute of Economy at ANAS.

• Since 2015- Member of the Dissertation Council for pursuing defense on getting the scientific degree in Economy and Doctor of Sciences at Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction.

• Author of 116 scientific – methodical publications.

V.S. Ayyubov owing to his  scientific-pedagogical activity, made a great contribution both  to training highly qualified specialists  on  bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and  the strengthening of the  material-technical  base of the departments. At present,he is the head of the  5 people doing  PhD on  Economics. He has also been the official opponent  for 3 doctors and 10 doctor of philosophy programs.

He is fluent in Russian and English.

He was awarded with the badge  of  the “Advanced educational  worker”  by Ministry of Education.  Married, has  2 sons and a grandson.


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