Faculty of Engineering

1. The establishment and activity of the faculty

The faculty began operating as a faculty of Energy since 1991, and later, in 1994, as a faculty of "Energy and Mechanics".

In different years the faculty was led by Aslan Damirli, associate professor (1991-200), Rauf Mammadov, associate professor (2000-2002) and by Gahraman Kalashov associate professor (2002-2015).

With the foundation of Mingachevir State University, on basis of Mingachevir Polytecnic Institute, according to the order dated July 24, 2015 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the faculty “Energy and Mechanics” is being led by Vugar Mustaphayev, PhD on technical sciences, associate professor. The faculty has been carrying out the activity as a faculty of “Engineering” since 2016.

 2. The specializations functioning within the faculty:

050608 Electroenergetics engineering

050609 Heat Power Engineering

050612 Mechanical Engineering

050622 Land transport engineering

050632 Information technology and systems engineering

050649 Ecological Engineering

050655 Information technology

050643 Engineering technology of commodities

At present, the faculty combines several specialty groups in the field of engineering, and has 4 chairs. The Department of Energy, Physics and Ecology, Mechanics and Information Technology trains eight engineers on the most popular bachelor's degree. Master students continue their education in 5 specialties. For several years now, the university, including the faculty, has been transferred to Bologna, that is, the credit education system that allows the university's diplomas to be recognized internationally, including in Europe. Currently, 411 students are trained on the above mentioned specialties and 21 undergraduate students are enrolled in the faculty. The majority of them are from Mingachevir, but the number of students from nearby regions is increasing.

The existence of the Faculty of Engineering at Mingachevir State University is of great importance in the development of qualified engineers in the region.

Faculty teaching staff includes 58 professors, including 1 professor, 18 associate professors, 4 PhDs, 1 senior teacher, 1 PhD, teacher, 11 senior teachers, 16 teachers and 7 senior lecturers. laboratorian and laboratory assistant.

At the time of the faculty, one of the employees of the faculty defended their dissertation: doctor of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences, 5 associate professors, 7 of them currently work on dissertation as a dissertant, including several people on the eve of defense. Several faculty members have already been invited to the leading universities of the republic, as well as to the leading bodies, as well as specialized specialists. Graduates of the faculty work in various large firms and enterprises, foreign organizations, ministries and committees, central and local executive bodies of our republic, municipality structures, higher, secondary and general education institutions. Also, many graduates continue their education at magistracy departments of leading higher education institutions of the republic. The faculty has wide perspective plans and is implemented in accordance with the state policy in the field of education and upbringing in the country.

3. Administration

Dean of the faculty : Mustaphayev Vugar Sabir,  doctor of philosophy on Technical Sciences, Associate professor.

V.S,Mustaphayev was born on November 12, 1966 in the city of Mingachrvir.  

1984-1991 - Azerbaijan Technical University, Faculty of Robotics “Lifting transportation,road and construction machines and equipment”. Baku, Azerbaijan.

1985-87- had been in millitary service (according to the legislation)

1991-1993 – trainee-researcher at the Department of Machine parts and Lifting Transport Mashines, Azerbaijan Technical University.

1993-1999 – senior enginneer on Safetty Technology at Azerbaijan Power Station Construction Office. During these years he worked as a part time and later as a full-time teacher at Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute.

2006 – Senior teacher and a year later, dosent at Mingachevir Polytecnic Institute.

In 2005 having defended the dissertation thesis on “Machine Science, Machine Details and Transmission Systems” got the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences at Azerbaijan Technical University. In 2012 he was awarded the scientific title of dosent under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the decision of SAC (Supreme Attestation Commission).

1994-2013 - head of the branch, head monitor, head of the department, coordinator at International Organizations.

2015 was appointed head of the department “Transportation and Mechanical Engineering” at MPI. Later, he was appointed head of the faculty “Energy and Mechanics” in connection with the foundation of Mingachevir State University on the basis of MPI.

Since 2016 dean of the Engineering faculty (former “Energy and Mechanics”)

V.Mustafayev is the author of 48 scientific and educational methodical works, including 1 invention, 3 textbooks, 2 methodical aids, 1 methodical instruction, 8 curriculum curricula and more than 33 scientific articles.

Marital status: Married, 2 children.

Deputy Dean: Gahramanov Sabuhi Abdul, PhD on Technical Sciences, associate professor.

Sabuhi Gahramanov was born on December 3, 1981 in Saybali village, Agdam region.

1999-2003 - bachelor, faculty of “Energy and mechanics” with the specialty “Surface transportation facilities and transport operations” at Mingachevir Polytechnica Institute, Azerbaijan.

2003-2005 - master with honors, faculty of “Energy and mechanics” with the specialty “Surface transportation facilities and transport operations” at Mingachevir Polytechnica Institute, Azerbaijan.

In 2005 - aspirant of the department of “Mathematics” at Azerbaijan Technical University. Baku, Azerbaijan.

In 2008 - having defended the dissertation thesis on “Dance of the corrosion elements of the ground constructions” received doctorate on Technical sciences.

2009-2011 - scientific secretary at Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute.

2011-2015 - deputy dean of the faculty “Energy and mechanics” at Mingachevir Polytecnic Institute and later at Mingachevir State University (with the foundaation on the basis of MPI)

Since 2016 - deputy dean of the faculty “Engineering” at Mingachevir State University.

Sabuhi Gahramanov author of 21 scientific articles and teaching methodologies.

Marital status: Married, three children.

4. Staff of the faculty

1. Mustafayev Vugar Sabir – dean

2.  Gahramanov Sabuhi Abdul – deputy dean

3. Mammadova Sevidj Nizami – tutor

4. Yolchuyeva Latafat Salik – tutor

5. İsmayılova İrada Mahammad – tutor 

6. Mammadova Shafag Nuraddin – chief operator