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Mingachevir branch of the  University of Industry named after M. Azizbayov  was established and started to operate (now Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University) on April 23,1991 according to resolution  N274 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Later, on July 01,1992 by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers N 371, the branch became  Mingachevir Istitute of Energy and renamed to Mingachevir Polytechnical Institute on August 04, 1993 according to the resolution N 427 of  the cabinet of  Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

On July24, 2015 according to resolution N1335, signed by the President of Azerbaijan  Republic Ilham Aliyev, Mingachevir State University was established on the basis of Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute functioning within the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on purpose of carrying out personnel training at all levels of higher education

MSU aims to establish a higher education institution in order to provide the universality of specialist training for requirements of the region, making use of the innovative technologies, strengthen intellectual capital by developing positive  experience and customs accumulated in MPI as well as achieve a high position in the field of education, training and science, applying the most advanced  teaching methods and  strategies. The university has three training buildings, located in the center of the city. The main building is three-storey building with 24 large auditoriums, different laboratories, cabinets, a modern sport-health complex and a 280-seat assembly hall. For mastering the specialized subjects thoroughly two rooms of 20-30-seat auditoriums, were established at Azerbaijan Thermal Power Plant” LLC in the educational process.

Physics, chemistry labs, automotive, descriptive geometry and engineering graphics, language teaching rooms are designed according to modern requirements.

The second campus of the university has also been repaired in high quality and various subject studies are carried out.

Training is carried out both in full-time and part-time education system for bachelor and master as well as for doctorate degrees.

With the joining of Azerbaijan Republic the Bologna process of higher education system, teaching in all areas is being carried out according to the credit system since 2007-2008 academic year of the institute. As a result, all the training, organizing and estimating the students’ knowledge are carried out according to the European Credit Transfer System requirements.

The University has an Information Technologies Centre located in a building apart, in front of the institute and reconstructed according to the modern requirements.It consists of three calculating technical laboratories and a lecture hall, connected to the international internet network. Relevant specialized cabinets, laboratories, computer centers having scientific and technical base and provided with internet access, are operating within the departments.

In recent years, much progress has been made in the field of strengthening the material-technical base of MSU, improvement of  training buildings, provision of  education with technical means and  application of the latest achievements of science in experience .The scientific Library with a rich collection of books plays a leading role in provision of science and education of MSU with library-information service. The computerization of library and the creation of an electronic catalog, dealing with books, magazines and newspapers are on process. The publishing house of the university equipped with modern printing machines and technologies is functioning.

It should be noted that the Information Technology Center provides the teaching of all subjects covering the specialty Information technology and systems engineering, as well as various subjects like “Information and Communication Technologies”, “Information Science”, “Fundamentals of Informatics”, “Computer Analysis of  Information Science and  Ecological Processes,” and ” Technical Information. Three modern equipped computing labs and a lecture audience are available in the Center. All computers of the Center are connected to the wireless network.

International Relations of theUniversity is in a state of on-going in advanced step . The mission of the international Relations Office is to coordinate, encourage and contribute to the internationalization of MSU. It is responsible for the university’s overall international strategy, including bilateral cooperation with foreign universities, participation in international educational programs, involvement of foreign students, cooperation with relevant international organizations, student and teacher exchange and so on.

The institute joined the project “Modern Engineering Education of the Institutions of higher education in Azerbaijan” on the bases of Tempus program, which was meant for developing of education and a treaty was concluded with the Academies of Applied Sciences of Koln in Germany and Zuyd in Holland. With the funding of the project two laboratories of modern equipments were established at the institute. So, according to the agreement Institute began prepare engineers on specialties “Electroenergetics” and “Automation and Information technology”. Some professor-teaching staff had been in practice during the project.

The University joined the INFINITY project funded by ErasmusMundus program of European Union in 2013. The program includes exchange of students and teaching staff. The partners of the project are from Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia and from Lot 5 Countries. Within the program six students of MSU had their studies abroad in different levels of education, Bachelor and Master. Exchange of some staff were also realized during the program. The cooperation ends in July, 2017.

For physical training a large sport hall of 1200 sq m and a mini football playground are established on the territory of the institute. The sport hall is equipped with all kinds of fitness equipments both for teaching staff and students. There are sections on many kinds of sports here. Students take part in different sport competitions. Vugar Alakbarov holding  a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics in boxing, Ruslan Rustamov, champion on sambo in Europe  are the university graduates.

There are Students Scientific Society, connecting several scientific Circles, Student Council, the Student Union Committee and a Debate Center  engaging students with important tasks. Students are trained how to work on scientific problems and they have all the opportunities to spend their free time more effectively.